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Monday, September 29, 2014

Craft #29-Day 29-Cookie Cottages

Family night craft time! My husband, Carter and I gathered around our kitchen table to build our cookie cottage.

First, Carter and I made the frosting and placed all of our fun edible decorations out on the table. My husband (Mike) started to get the graham cracker walls and roof ready for us to put together. Carter tried "gluing" the walls together using the plastic bag of frosting and squeezing it on. That did not work well for him, so we used a butter knife instead. Now it was time to decorate!

We spread the frosting on the roof and started to add cookie wafers for our shingles. I was passing Carter the cookies to place on the roof. I eventually glanced over and realized we had not made any progress. He had the cutest little mischievous grin on his face. He had been eating the cookies! I laughed and was starting to place the cookie on the roof, Carter reached for a mint candy and placed it on there instead. What a great idea! (And he wasn't so interested in gobbling those up) We placed our roof peices onto our cottage, securing it in place with frosting.

Mike broke a small piece off of a pirouline stick and "glued" it onto the roof. He made a door and used a sixlet for the door handle. Carter grabbed the other sixlets and started decorating the roof. He made a cookie wafer path, where the excess frosting had dripped off of the house. Carter sprinkled away and we finished by adding sugar cones as trees to make our forest.

Our "Woodland Hideaway" was complete.The best part- my little family and I created it together.

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