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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Craft #23-Day 23-Horse Stable Diorama....

We still completed a diorama...we just decided to modify it into a dinosaur diorama instead! Carter is not really interested in horses, therefore we do not have any plastic horses to use. So looking around the house, I realized he has about a million little dinosaurs! So why not change the theme to something he is more interested in, weave our ideas along with the ideas in the book and use what we already have at home. Win,!

In the book it suggests we use a wooden crate-I used the next best thing, a heavy duty cardboard fruit box. We glued green construction paper for the ground on a separate piece of cardboard, that we added to the front of the box. Carter added sand on top of the construction paper, for the dino's to roam through.We added yellow and green easter grass for the dino hay. We placed rocks and pinecones for trees in the box as well as out in the sand.

This is how we made the more detailed parts of our diorama:

Fence-Carter piled up sticks and twigs, bordering the construction paper edge.

Prize Ribbons-Carter picked out two little circle stickers for the centers and I cut out small blue ribbons from construction paper and stuck them to the stickers. Carter placed them on the front edge of the box.

Window-We found a cool "dinosaur climbing a building" picture out of a magazine to use. I added Popsicle sticks with glue to frame the pic. I attached it to the back wall, inside the box, with a star tack. Carter added glitter!

Food Containers-Made from a toilet paper roll cut in half and green felt on top. I labeled one of them, "Dino Food" in marker. Carter placed one of the containers by the back wall and the other container in the front, at the edge of the box.

Saddles- I used the template provided in the book as an example. I used construction paper and felt to create this and cut it in half to fit the Sauropods.

Water Buckets-We placed a few food pouch lids in the sand for our water buckets.

Ropes-Used dental floss for our rope and wrapped it around star tacks and placed them on the back wall by our window.

Lava Pool- Carter added red food coloring to water to make our lava and then we poured it into a tiny Frisbee. We placed it in the center of the sand.

Welcome to Dinosaur World.

We definetly made an interactive/sensory diorama!

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