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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Craft#13-Day 13-Shell Menagerie

I volunteered at MECCA today, so I was able to go shopping for the supplies needed for our shell project. When I arrived home, Carter saw me in my ladybug apron that I still had on from the craft workshop. He asked for his apron too and was ready to go outside and start crafting! (and snacking, ha, ha) I love that this is becoming a routine for us and that it seems he looks forward to it.

I poured out the bag of shells for Carter to look through. I showed him the examples in the book of the shell animals and other shell creature creations. Every time we go to MECCA,Carter runs straight for their big box of shells. So needless to say he was pretty estactic to have his own collection.

The "recipe" called for cement glue, which I did not have. So we decided to just use modeling clay. This was easy for Carter to use and we could take the shells apart again and again to put new creatures together. Carter made a unicorn shell creature and we made a koala bear,using the example from the book.

I am sure this is a craft activity we will do often.

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