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Friday, September 5, 2014

Craft #5-Day 5- Cotton-Ball Sheep

After a very long and busy day playing at parks and shopping, we came home ready to make our super simple and quick cotton-ball sheep. I had all of the materials except a couple;so we did stop by the dollar store to pick up cotton balls and black card stock.

We browsed the internet for a cute sheep template and Carter made the final decision as to which one to use. I do not have a copier, so I just used the picture as an example.Once the sheep were cut out of the card stock, we were ready to start gluing.Carter was surprised that there was not a glue stick to use but this fun squeeze bottle to use instead! He had a ton of fun squeezing the Elmer's glue on the little sheep. I opened the bag of cotton balls and he grabbed a huge hand full and set them on the the table and began "hammering" the cotton balls on-maybe he will be a construction worker!?

Carter chose red and white string to hang our cotton-ball sheep up in his window.

Now he has sheep to count when he is trying to fall asleep;)

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