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Monday, September 1, 2014

Craft #1-Day 1-September 1st: Origami Finger Puppets

Book- Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts For Kids
By the editors of Martha Stewart Living

The first chapter of this book is all about creating characters.The first characters to create are cute finger puppets! This project requires very little supplies-squares of paper, markers and/or crayons. A few folds, draw on a face and the project is complete. We began this adventure with all of our supplies ready on the kitchen table and a sample finger puppet I made earlier. Carter loved the colorful paper however, he was not at all interested in trying to fold the paper. In the past I have incorporated ideas I already know he likes with projects he may not be interested in and it seems to work very well! So I decided if he pretended he had a tool to help me with, he would be more willing to help with this part. I would start the fold and he would act as if his hand was a hammer to smash the fold. This kept him laughing as well as assisting me with the project. He enjoys using tape, so I decided to have him add a piece of tape to the back of the puppets. This will help to keep our puppets together securely.

Carter's favorite part was DECORATING!! I know my kid loves using glue sticks and he is not quite at the drawing faces level-so I brought out the googly eyes, beans, glitter glue and of course the glue that holds it all together, glue sticks.He loved it and was quick to start decorating these adorable finger puppet creatures. The origami finger puppet cats quickly turned into origami finger puppet monsters!

Lots of fun soon followed!!

Looking forward to our next craft;)

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