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Friday, September 26, 2014

Craft #26-Day 26-House of Cards

Even though this activity only has a few supplies needed, it was a little time consuming. Trying to get the cards and straws just right to keep the house together, took a few attempts. We got it though!

Since this craft was not messy, we sat on Carter's floor in his room to create our house of cards. We had various cereal boxes and other cardboard to make our cards out of. Carter was pretty excited to use the tape measure! He helped mark our measurements in pencil on the cardboard and practiced using the scissors. We measured and cut all the straws needed. I cut a slit in both ends of the straw to slide the cardboard through to make our walls. Carter helped place the straws onto the cardboard peices.

Next time I would use the small coffee straws instead of regular drinking straws. I think that the smaller straws would be easier to slide the cardboard through. I would also like to try out a smaller version, maybe with playing cards. This might keep Carter's attention a little longer during the assembly process.

I made a little door in the front of our card house and it was complete.

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