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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Craft #24-Day 25-Toy Boats

This project took a couple of days to complete. Partly, because of wait time for drying and painting. The other reason is because my days have been very busy. Anyhow, here's what we did...

First, Carter chose the type of boat he wanted to make. He looked at the pictures in the book and chose pretty quickly. Tugboat it is! We were off to Grandma's to look for wood blocks.

We found the blocks, we needed-just a smaller version. We sat on Grandma's deck and started to paint our blocks and glue everything together. We found cool little barrels to use for the smokestacks. I cut out a little blue flag out of card stock for Carter to decorate. He glued on cool decals and a purple feather. I used an orange pipe cleaner for the pole and taped it on the back of the boat.
(I would definetly use the screw hooks next time)

The next day, we needed to repaint part of our boat, so Carter did another layer of yellow on one side and green on the other. He also decided to add beads to his boat-for flair.

We used an oyster can for the dinghy and dental floss to tie it to the boat. Since the oyster can has very sharp edges, I added a layer of clay for safety. Carter filled the dinghy with the cork cargo.

I asked Carter what he wanted to name his boat. He looks at me and says, "Blue!" A most excellent name. So I painted the name on the side of the boat.

We put on our rubber boots and packed our boat safely in our basket, in search of mud puddles. We found a few and tested out our boat. The moment of truth...."It floats!" We celebrate by jumping up and down in the puddle. It was a beautiful morning, so I thought it would be fun to try it out on a mellow spot on the river. Grandma joined us and we were off to play.

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