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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Craft #21-Day 21-Snow Globes

We start a new chapter of the book-"Build A Little World" A snow globe is the first little world project!

We were headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house (my parents) so Mike could use their shop to work on our cars. We brought along our craft supplies for the project and thought Grandma and Aunt Zella would like to create something too!

After visiting for awhile, we set up a table out in the yard for everyone to sit and craft at. I got out my polymer clay to begin molding the object for our snow globe. We decided to go with a Halloween theme. Carter liked playing with the clay. Once he saw Zella's cool character, he started to get more interest in building a character and keeping the peices together.

Carter put two squares of green clay on top of one another. I rolled little eyes for him to stick on and Zella made arms. Carter grabbed this little plastic cone shape I had on the table and put it on his character's head for a hat! Zella went to put all of our character's in the oven to bake. Even Grandma made one!

After 30 minutes of baking time and 10-20 minutes of letting them sit and cool down; they were finished. He had made a little robot monster! Carter was uninterested in finishing the project, so I packed up all my supplies to complete later.

After dinner at home, he was ready to finish our snow-globe. He helped paint his robot monster with silver nail polish, which is used to seal it. We let that sit and dry. Once dry I added silicone glue to the bottom of the lid and stuck robot monster on there. While that was drying, Carter added distilled water to our little plastic container-I decided to use plastic for our snow-globe instead of glass-toddler proof. He picked out the purple glitter and immediately poured some in the water. I think he could play with glitter and water all day.

Once dry, I added silicone glue to the threads where the lid twists on. I twisted the lid on and we had our finished Halloween Snow-Globe. Carter got to look at it, however the glue needs to sit for 24hrs before tipping it upside down. So I am sure we will be playing with it tomorrow!

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