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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Craft #11-Day 11-Hand-Drawn Stuffed Animals

This morning at breakfast I read the introduction for today's activity to Carter and I found this to be rather intriguing, "Set your own artwork free"-The Editors of Martha Stewart Living. We looked at the pictures of the stuffed animal creations and we were inspired!

I gave Carter a piece of white construction paper and crayons. He quickly finished and was ready for another piece of paper. This time I gave him markers to work with. He sat there for a good 10 plus minutes drawing his picture and switched out colors many times. This was probably the longest I have seen him sit and draw a picture. He was smiling and was very proud of his masterpiece.

We took a break and drove out to my parent's house. We visited and I borrowed some of my Mom's sewing supplies. On our way home, Carter fell asleep and continued to nap when we got home. So I started to cut out his illustrations to use as the patterns for our creatures.

We had lunch when Carter woke up. While eating, he spotted the large pile of fabric and felt on the kitchen table and started to dig through it.He picked out red fabric and green felt for the big creature and blue stripe ocean fabric and white felt for the little one. Carter also picked the color of the thread, which he chose gold and red. I pinned down the pattern to the material and cut out both layers for each creature.

Carter was ready to be outside again, so we moved everything to our patio table. I poured out my small bag of buttons onto the table, for Carter to pick out which ones he would like to use. We decided the small creature kid of resembled a fish, so he picked out one pretty button for the eye. Carter picked out two buttons for the large creatures eyes and a button for the nose. After sewing the buttons on and the fabric pieces together, we added the stuffing through the opening I had left unsewn.

We added green felt and blue pipe cleaner on the fish mimicking Carter's illustration. I traced the edges of Carter's large picture again on a green piece of felt. Since these awesome, detailed edges did not end up showing in the shape of the creature, I sewed on the felt edge to make sure it was replaced.

Time to snuggle! Or so I thought, it was more of a "pillow" fight! His artwork was literally flying freely.

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