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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Craft #9-Day 9-Eggs-traordinary Creatures

After a beautiful morning in the park, we came home to eat lunch and start our next crafting adventure. This project required quite a few supplies and a good chunk of time. The book gives a few different egg creature examples such as pigs, cows, chickens, and birds. We decided we would make blue birdies.

I hollowed out the eggs using a "Hercules" hook instead of a utility knife. I didn't have a utility knife handy, however the hook worked ok, as long as very little pressure was applied. I learned this quickly, when I broke my first egg! I also did not have an ear syringe, so I just made bigger holes in the eggs and the hook to help drain the egg.

I set up three little jars, one for each egg. Carter helped pour in the vinegar, water, and food coloring. He had the most fun squeezing out the food coloring and dipping his hands in the jars! Messy and fun! I placed an egg in each jar with small plastic cups weighing the eggs down into the food coloring.

We waited about 15 minutes to remove the eggs from the jars. The eggs had turned just a shade darker than baby blue. We let them dry for another 15-20 minutes. Our next step was to glue on our wings made out of crepe paper and beaks made out of construction paper. I poured a little bit of "Elmer's" glue in a small dish for Carter to dip a paintbrush in to brush the glue on. He added the "embellishments" to the eggs. Just like that, we have two little eggs-traordinary creatures!

The third egg was a little broken. We turned it into a dinosaur egg. Carter used one of his little dinosaurs to place in the egg. We made a little nest for the egg creatures in his basket with Easter grass and sticks.

It was an egg-cellent day!

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