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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Craft #17-Day 17-Felt Mice

It was a mellow day today, filled with housework and the occasional dance breaks with Carter. After lunch, I looked over the supply list for today's project. I definetly did not have candy canes, so Carter and I were off to the store.

Of course, its too early for the store to have candy canes in stock. So I was hoping to find something similar in a Halloween version. Instead I found fun candy necklaces, I was sure we could use instead. Wandering the aisles of the store, I found "Elmer's-Glue-All". I decided to give it a try.

Back at home, at our kitchen table-I had Carter choose which color mice we would be making along with the inner ear colors.I used the templates provided in the book as a guide when drawing the body and ears of the mice onto the felt. Once everything was cut out, Carter started gluing.  I made little noses out of felt, that he glued on as well. (" Elmer's-Glue-All, worked great!)           I drew on the eyes with black marker instead of using black felt.

To attach the ears, I cut two slits towards the front of the body for the ears to slip through. I added another couple slits towards the back of the body to attach the tail. To make the tail, we used yarn to string the candy necklace peices on and tied a knot at the end of the tail. To attach it to the mouse, I wove the untied part of the yarn through the slits in the back and tied a knot.

We were ready to play! Even his cars and toy snakes became friends with the mice!

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