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Friday, September 26, 2014

Craft #25-Day 26-File Folder Village

This is a fairly simple craft that requires just a few supplies-file folders (I also used construction paper), double-sided tape, and scissors.

We started crafting outside, until it started to rain and then we hurried back inside to finish our project. I used the house and roof template provided in the book as an example, when drawing the pattern on the folders. Once I had everything cut out, Carter helped tape everything together. I also used the tree template, to make a couple of trees for our village.

Carter had already started to play with the shells he had out on the table next to our houses. He was pretending the shells were people. Once the roof was placed on, they had no way in their house. So we made a little door for the little shell family.

We set up our village on his "town" carpet and soon the village was filled with dinosaurs, cars, and elephants-Oh my!

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