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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Craft#6-Day 6-Rock Friends

I started my day, having breakfast with my little family-my husband and son;) Then I was off to volunteer at the wonderful store called MECCA-Materials Exchange Center for the Community Arts. I help with the kids craft workshop. I love it there and absolutely believe in what they stand for; "Diverting waste from the landfill and bringing them into our community's creative endeavors." Before I left for the day, I was able to gather so many supplies I will need for our future craft challenge projects. I left spending less than $5!

I went home to pick up my husband and son to go to the creek to search for some round and oval shaped rocks for our rock friends craft. Carter enjoyed finding the rocks and throwing them in the water:) We found some keepers and headed home.

The supplies we used for this project included a pencil to sketch on the rock, modeling clay,pipe cleaner,scissors and paint. We picked a rock out of the pile of rocks we collected to make our frog. I sketched circles on the frog for Carter to color in with paint. He really enjoys painting, so he was thrilled. Rocks & paint-two of his favorite things. I decided it would be fun to pour the white paint into a little cup for him to drop the rocks into and have him roll them around until completely covered. These were the rocks for the frog's eyes. This was a little messier of a method-more mess, more fun!

We created two more rock friends, a beetle and a caterpillar. We used the modeling clay to stick the rocks together to make the caterpillar and for his eyes. We made his antennas from pipe cleaner. Project completed!

Carter kept saying, "So fun!" And that made my whole day. Goodnight:)

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