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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Craft #3-Day 3- Paper Bag Puppets

The craft of the day-puppets made from lunch sacks and construction paper. A pig, lion and puppy templates are included in the book. I wasn't able to use the templates because I did not have a copier ready to use. However, the features were easy enough to draw without the templates, for this project.

Sitting at the kitchen table, I started to draw and cut out the features for the pig and the puppy. Carter is next to me watching and snacking. One of my goals through out this crafting challenge is to teach Carter a few different skills, such as using the scissors. I hand him the features so he can start gluing.

Carter starts gluing away, using a glue stick and glitter glue to attach the belly on the puppy, the nose on the pig,etc. It seems like we always end up using glitter glue;) We definitely have a basic craft supply list essential to "Carter Crafting!"
I decide to also have Carter design his own paper bag puppet. I set him loose with squares and circles cut out of construction paper, markers and of course googly eyes, his other favorite craft item. He created an alien!

We were letting the puppets dry, as Carter continued to snack and I was cleaning up a little. He stops chewing, raises his hand high up in the air, and declares that he would like to paint! It is awesome when he is so excited about an idea he has! So I reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a few squeeze bottles of DIY puffy paint, that I saved from a past project. I frequently keep leftover materials from projects to use for future crafts. It is really nice to have various materials on hand. I gave him a paper sack, puffy paint, googly eyes, and toothbrushes to paint with. We don't have any paint brushes, so the spare toothbrushes are a very fun alternative.Another amazing alien was created:)

I started to work on our "theater" for our puppets. I used a large piece of cardboard and construction paper. I made a frame out of the cardboard and lined it with construction paper flower petals. We were ready to play!

We played for awhile, however Carter grew tired of having the bag on his hand. So I grabbed these little toy rackets from Carter's toy box. We used these to place the puppets over them. This provided a handle to use and move the puppet around. He thought that was better, even though he couldn't move the puppets mouth-he was okay with that.

Our friendly little puppet show eventually became puppets in flight:) He could fling the puppet right off the racket and a whole new game was created!

I sure love my little guy.

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