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Friday, September 19, 2014

Craft #19-Day 19-Elfin Family

More pinecones! I stopped by MECCA and bought paintbrushes and.....more pinecones! We needed shorter, rounder pinecones for our elves.

We set up everything outside and decided to make the boy elf, girl elf, and a reindeer. Carter picked out the wooden bead for the head of the boy elf. He brushed glue on the wooden bead to attach the pipcleaner hat. I added pipe cleaner for arms and legs by bending the pipe cleaner in a half circle and pushing it through the back of the pinecone. Then Carter brushed glue on the bottom of the wooden bead to attach it to the pinecone. Of course I used a black marker to make the elf's face, instead of using little black beads.

We also made the girl elf with a hat made from a pinecone top and a reindeer with pipe cleaner antlers. Instead of using scales for the reindeer's legs, we used pipe cleaner instead. I used the end of the pinecone for the reindeer's face and black marker to draw the eyes and nose. Carter was more than happy to add glitter to our pinecone characters for the finishing touch.

We added our little elves and reindeer to our snowy landscape next to our penguins. Carter was ready to play! He even asked my husband yesterday, if they could go play in the snow;) He was a little confused until Carter showed him what we had made. Much happiness.

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