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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Craft #20-Day 20-Rice-Cereal Critters

Another fun kitchen activity! I started this activity by melting the butter and marshmallows in a saucepan on the stove for the "glue" that the cereal would stick to. I had a measuring cup ready for Carter to use when adding the crunchy rice cereal.

I poured the butter and marshmallow mixture into a large bowl. Then Carter added the cereal and helped mix the ingredients together. We had fruit slice gumdrops and twizzler licorice to add to our crunchy rice treats to turn them into critters.

Carter helped roll our rice cereal mix into balls for the caterpillar. He helped add the green licorice pieces for the caterpillars antennae and tiny pieces of licorice rolled up for the eyes. We also made a ladybug with licorice spots, and a red fruit slice cut in half and rounded a little for the head. We created a bee with wings and a head from lemon fruit slices. We added stripes and eyes to the bee from licorice pieces. After Carter helped create all of these critters; he created his own critter from various fruit slices and colors of licorice placed on a ball of rice cereal mix.

Since I very rarely let Carter eat any candy, I was surprised he even wanted any....then kept asking for more and more.I was continually trying to explain why I was saying, "no". So next time I would go a healthier route with this little one; possibly using real fruit next time.

Carter really enjoys the kitchen activities! So I definitely think we will do this one again with a few twists.

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