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Monday, September 29, 2014

Craft #28-Day 29-Miniature Ski Scene

We were up early, crafting away! Carter was excited to glue, dump out glitter and fling paint around!

I cleaned out a small circular cookie tin to make our scene. I had found the polystyrene (to use as our snowy background)at the dollar store. It was the perfect size and had already been cut into circles. Carter had the all-purpose glue and started squeezing the glue into the tin. We placed the full circle in the tin-our first layer. For the second layer- I cut a slope out of the circle and we glued that on top of the first layer. We decided to make a miniature horse-drawn sled scene.

We used metallic green pipe cleaners for our trees. Carter was estactic to drop these little trees into the container of white paint and to shake the glitter on them. I glued the sled to our slope and poked the trees into the peices of foam. I stretched plastic wrap over the tin and secured it with a runner band.

Now, it was time to start flinging paint! We headed outside with our white paint poured out onto a paper plate along with a paintbrush, toothbrush and bottle brush. I thought it would be fun to experiment to see which one worked better. I placed our tin on a cardboard box and Carter immediately started "throwing" the paint onto the plastic wrap for the falling snow. I think we determined the bottle brush as the best to use.

Apparently, our sled was going through a blizzard! The finishing touch was having Carter dump out silvery glitter onto the snowstorm.

The messier, the better;)

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