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Monday, September 8, 2014

Craft #8-Day 8-Twig Dog

It was a beautiful day, so we decided to go for a nature walk to collect twigs to make our next character, a twig dog. We brought my sister along to help us with our search. We were looking for small sticks with a branch on either side. The idea is that the twig acts as the body and the branches as the arms, so you can balance the twig on your finger. Carter had his basket and was enthusiastically skipping along picking up sticks. Every now again he would stop when he found a blackberry to pick,yum!

After a great day at the park, we came home ready to start our project. Construction paper, crayons/markers, scissors and Elmer's glue, were the only other supplies needed. We discussed what characters we should create,besides just the dog face. We had many twigs to work with! Carter stops between bites (we are always snacking and crafting) and shouts, "snowman!" I agree that it is an excellent idea.

Carter and I practiced using the scissors to cut out our dog face, pumpkin, and snowman.Once the characters were cut out, Carter started to glue them onto the sticks.
We let them dry for 10-20 minutes. Which was the perfect amount of time to get dinner started!

When they were ready to play with,Carter grabbed them and started to build the little twig dog, pumpkin and snowman a house from all of the other sticks he had collected. The dinosaur even joined in on the fun.



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