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Friday, September 12, 2014

Craft #12-Day 12-Pom-Pom Animals

I was excited to use a pom-pom maker for the first time. I quickly read over the basic step instructions. The first thing we had to do was pick out what animal we wanted to make and the yarn to make it with.I brought out my mixed assortment of yarn and dumped all of it out on our kitchen table. This caught Carter's attention! He was soon by my side looking through the yarn with me. He also started putting the yarn on his head, while giggling hysterically. Little cutie! We decided we had enough yellow and black yarn to make the bee featured in the book.

Carter helped wrap the yarn around the "arms" of the pom-pom maker. My husband also joined in on the crafting fun! He helped cut the yarn along the center of the rounded edges. We tied embroidery thread in the center of the pom-pom to hold it together. My husband suggested we use the unspun wool to make the next pom-pom for the body of the bee. It was such a great idea. It turned out a lot fluffier than the yarn, perfect for a bee.

We tied the two pom-poms together with embroidery thread, instead of stitching it together. This worked just fine. I used the template provided in the book for the wings of the bee. I cut the pair of wings from white felt and used black pipe cleaner for the antennae. Carter helped glue these on using tacky glue.

It looked like a cute bumblebee!

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