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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Craft #30-Day 31-Cardboard Worlds

Cardboard Worlds, is the last activity of Chapter 2: Build a Little World!

We started this project yesterday and did not quite finish. I cut out one long peice of cardboard for the back wall and two shorter peices for the sides. I used a hole punch to punch two holes on the end of each long peice of cardboard and two holes on one end of each short piece. We were ready to paint.

We were inspired by our trip to the farm that day to make a fall-farm outdoor world. I set up DIY liquid (fall colors) watercolors for Carter to use to paint his little world. He really enjoys painting! We were painting for a long time. This is just an example of how his attention span has grown since we started these projects! I tied the peices together with twine to make hinged walls. We let the paint dry overnight. I am sure it was dry way before the next day, we just had a busy day still ahead of us.

Today, we went for a walk around our little town looking for leaves for our world. We found a great little spot, filled with many different colors and types of leaves. Carter starts running around, gathering leaves, and putting them in his pail. Soon, the pail was over flowing! We met up with Mike and had dinner. I was just thinking how it would be perfect to have little pumpkins to add...and wouldn't you know it!? The restaurant was selling cute little pumpkins. I bought four and Carter rushed us outside to watch the train go by.

We walked home and started putting together our cardboard world right away. We set up the walls on his bookshelf in his room, we added the pumpkins, gourds, leaves, a branch, toy farmer, tractor and rake. We also decided to add the "Trick or Treat" Berenstein Bear book and the "Papa Bear" figurine.

We read the book, played for awhile and then it was bedtime. Goodnight!

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