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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Craft #48-Day 51-Tin Can Toys

Since I had a few errands to run in town, we decided to stop by the thrift store to look for some supplies. Carter happily pulled the basket along (awesome basket with a handle & wheels) while we wandered around the store. We found a couple of treasures, then it was time to leave, which can be tricky sometimes to convince a toddler of that. Luckily, Halloween decorations distracted him at the check-out and all the way to the exit;)

I decided we should make the mouse, since the building plan was toddler friendly. We found a metal Christmas bell ornament to use for the body of the mouse in place of a tea strainer. We of course changed around a few of the other supplies too. Carter helped thread the pipe cleaner through the bell for the tail. He helped place the little balls of clay and beads onto the top part of the bell, for eyes. We used another ball of clay for the nose. I have many pouch food lids and am just looking for a reason to use them! So I decided to use two of the lids for the ears. I took a bent paperclip and thread it through the holes in the bell and Carter helped place the lids onto the ends of the paperclips. After a bit of bending of the paperclips and usage of clay, the ears were in place.

Last step was making the paws. We used paperclips for the paws and thread them through the bell and bent them in place.  Our little Christmas mouse was complete!

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