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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Craft #49-Day 52-Painted Umbrellas

Chapter 4-Design it Yourself!

Perfect rainy weather for this umbrella craft!

We picked out an umbrella yesterday at the thrift store and I bought a set of acrylic paints today. I already had paintbrushes and containers for the water/paint. I opened the umbrella and placed it on the table, along with the paint, water and tape. We put on our aprons and we were ready to go!

The umbrella we picked out was red, white and blue. So we decided stars would be a cute addition. I made a couple of star stencils from a piece of notebook paper. I taped the stencil to a white section of the umbrella. Carter was excited to start painting!

We painted one blue star on each white section of the umbrella. Carter also painted freehand blue marks around each star. He was ready to use the umbrella right away. So he twirled it around in the kitchen. I had to explain to him that we needed to let it dry before we try it outside.

Plan for tomorrow.....rain boots, umbrella, and puddle jumping!!!

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