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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Craft #55-Day 58-Felted-Wool Purses

This was definetly a craft that took some time to create. We started this yesterday and finished it today.

I cut out the pattern for our purse from a plastic grocery sack. Carter picked out the colors of wool he wanted to use. We made a three-layer pile of wool, switching from crosswise to lengthwise. We placed the pattern on top of the wool. We moved over to the kitchen sink for the next step and placed our project on a broiler pan, that we sat over the sink. Carter poured hot soapy water on the pattern. He tapped the wool through the template. I took over after awhile, since this took 10 minutes!

We then created the "hem" for the opening of the purse. Carter poured more soapy water on the top edge, folded it under the pattern,wetting and tapping. We folded the other edges over the template, wetting and tapping.

We created another layer and placed it on top of the pattern. Carter poured more soapy water on the new layer of wool and tapped it. We created another hem as before and "felt" them together.

When the felt was completely stuck together and not going to fall apart, I took the template out. I moved the purse up and down on the broiler pan, which I used in place of the washboard. Worked great!

I made a handle from rolling wool in the form of a snake, dipped it in hot soapy water, and rolled it on the broiler pan. Everything sat overnight to dry. Today I hand sewed the handle on.

Quite the project! Carter and I decided we will be giving this as a Christmas present!

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