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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Craft #38-Day 39-Beach Board Games

All day I have felt a little under the weather, so I wasn't sure if we would finish a project today. However, tonight I felt a little better and Carter was more than ready to work on something. Everytime we set up a project at the kitchen table now, Carter wants to turn on his Christmas radio-that he had to have at a garage sale. It is really cute, has eyes and dances side to side. Carter calls it the house-love him. So I set up our supplies on the kitchen table-a peice of fabric,fabric paints, and a paintbrush. Carter thought we should have a table full of cars too!

I started to paint the lines on our piece of fabric, for our tic-tac-toe game and Carter was racing his cars around on top of the paint, and it just got messier from there. Soon we were running the cars through the paint and racing them across the peice of fabric. So we decided this would be our version of the "Beach Board Games." We shall call it "Racing Paint".

I am sure we will be playing this again....very soon!

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