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Monday, October 13, 2014

Craft #41-Day 43-Rock Dominoes

We woke up to a very beautiful fall morning. This inspired me, as did my son's endless amount of energy, to go outside and explore. The air was crisp, the sun was out and leaves fell all around us. My kind of day!

We decided to invite Grandma Beth along to one of our favorite parks to hunt for rocks. Carter carried his basket with his boat, and quickly hurried down the trail to the river. We threw rocks in the water, sailed the boat and collected flat rocks for our project.

After a great day at the park, we took Grandma home and we were off to start our rock dominoes project. We set up our supplies outside on the patio table. Carter was more than happy to pick out the colors of paint. I decided it would be more toddler friendly to play color dominoes instead of the regular version. Carter painted one half of the rocks one color and the other half a different color and a few rocks as one solid color.  We set the rocks out in the sun to dry.

Once the rocks were dry we headed inside to start matching colors! We pretended we were making a snake, which really kept Carter's attention for quite awhile. This will definitely be kept in our growing DIY game collection.

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