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Friday, October 24, 2014

Craft #51-Day 54-Duct Tape Accessories

We went to the store early this morning to pick out the duct tape for our project. There were so many cool designs to choose from. Carter chose the pickle design! It has pickles on it with word bubbles that say, "Dill with it". I love that he picked this. I also bought grey sparkly duct tape for us to use as well.

We looked over the accessory options in the book. We could make a wallet, pencil case or key chain pouch, however it is unlikely he would use any of these things. So we decided to make a duct tape mini top hat as our accessory!

Carter helped me measure the duct tape length for our circles. We made a small circle for the bottom of the hat (using the sparkly duct tape) and an even smaller circle for the top (using the pickle duct tape). Carter helped trace the circles onto the duct tape and I cut the circles out. We also had to create another peice of duct tape fabric-by sticking strips of tape together-for the top and bottom to attach to (using the pickle duct tape).
I attached the top and bottom pieces of the hat using small pieces of duct tape all the way around the edge of the circles.

Carter loved the green ribbon I had. So we decided to add a strand of ribbon around the base of the hat. I taped the bottom of the hat onto a paper headband. Now I want to make one for me!

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