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Monday, October 20, 2014

Craft #47-Day 50-Stack and Play

Time to play market! I was very excited to set this up today. The project calls for new IKEA shelves....well we can't afford next best thing (which I love to do) is improvise with the materials we already have!

After searching our house and brainstorming a little, we came to a conclusion....we would use our kitchen table, shelf and coffee table for our booth, and suspend & prop up the blinds for our "canopy". Carter was overjoyed to place the food items where he wanted on the table, strainer, and baskets. We used other random things to add finishing touches to his booth which included his Christmas radio, broom and various kitchen utensils.

Carter drew a beautiful picture on the chalkboard for his sign and we came up with the name....drum roll, please....Welcome to Carter's Cabana-your local market!!!!!

When my husband came home, Carter was quick to tell him that it was a good day! Heart-melted.

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