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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Craft #34-Day 35-Peg-Board Marble Run

I looked over this project and decided to scale it down a little for Carter. We still made a marble run, which consisted of the following:

Cardboard Ramp-We set up a cardboard ramp and taped sides to it. This ramp was taped to big Lego blocks that sat on a busy bead toy.

Carter enjoyed dropping the marble down the ramp for our test runs and moving the different parts to see what works. One change we made was to tape a straw to the ramp to direct the marble to the plastic cup.

Second part of ramp-I cut a small plastic cup to attach to the end of the ramp, which sat on a bucket. We added a toilet paper tube and later decided to remove it.

Last part of ramp- Another cardboard ramp extending to the marble slide toy.I cut the bottom of the plastic cup in a half circle and tied twine to the middle of it and attached the other part of the twine to a hand mixer. Using the hand mixer, the half circle with the marble moves to a hole in the marble slide, tipped in and down the slide it goes.

It was quite the crafty day!

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