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Monday, October 20, 2014

Craft #46-Day 50-Corn-Husk Dolls

We ventured out on this rainy day to a local farm in search of our corn husks. Our second stop was successful! I even bought some beautiful dahlias to light up our home.

After letting the corn husks soak in water for 10 minutes, we were ready for our project. Carter helped dry the husks and pick out which ones we would use. I gathered the husks together and Carter helped wrap the twine around them. I tied a knot to hold the corn husks in place. We separated the husks into separate portions and folded the halves down to cover the twine. I wrapped twine around the husks about an inch down to form the head and tied a knot.

To make the arms, we used a couple of corn husks and tied both ends. We placed the arms under the knot at the neck and tied the twine right under the arms. I trimmed the husks to make a flowy skirt. I made a red dress and green hat out of felt for our doll. Carter helped glue on the pieces of yarn for the hair. I glued on the hat and used a piece of yarn to tie on the dress.

Carter was excited to take the corn-husk doll outside and put it with our scarecrow, pumpkins, and gourds!

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