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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Craft #45-Day 49-Gingham Dolls

After a few very busy days, we were back to crafting today!

We started our project at the kitchen table. I traced the baby doll pattern onto the fabric and cut it out. After I sewed the fabric together, Carter helped with the stuffing. We used a dowel to poke the stuffing in the small corners. Once I sewed up the opening, we had our doll!

We decided to make our doll a scarecrow. We made him a little hat using the edge of a paper coffee filter. I cut a small piece off the edge of the coffee filter and Carter colored it yellow. I taped the two ends of the paper together, to form a hat shape. We glued a flower bead and thread onto the hat, to look like straw. I sewed on a few pieces of yellow yarn for hair, glued on a small piece of red felt for the nose and drew the mouth on with a black marker.

We read a few farm/fall books and created a farm/fall world on top of Carter's bookshelf and added our scarecrow doll (along with many toy cars!).

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