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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Craft#33-Day 35-Paper Mache Vehicles

I was looking forward to this messy project! In grade school, I made a paper mache praying mantis. That was the only time I had ever used it. I was super excited to try it out again and this time with Carter.

I doubled up on paper plates for both sides of our flying saucer. I cut out the bottom of a cylinder shaped water jug for the alien's driver seat and traced around it in the middle of the paper plate. I cut out the hole and made sure our alien fit with the plastic cup placed over him. Carter helped tape the paper plates together-tops facing.

Kitchen time! Once Carter saw me get a mixing bowl and spoon out, he eagerly pushed a chair up to the kitchen counter. He added the flour and water into the mixing bowl. He stirred and stirred, and probably would have continued to splash around the paper mache, if I had let him.

We were ready to move our project outside. I ripped peices of newspaper for Carter to dip in the paper mache mixture. I placed the paper onto the saucer and Carter used his cars to help smooth it out. He started to drop more toys in the mixture and it became a sensory activity as well. So by the end of this part of the project, Carter was covered in paper mache. More messy, more fun!

We sat the flying saucer out in the sun all day, to dry. Then it was time to decorate! Carter painted our saucer blue, added glitter-of course, number stickers and metallic puff balls. The last step was to add the alien! I stood the alien in the hole of the paper plate and placed the plastic cup over it. The edges of the cup slid under the edges of the paper plate to keep it attached. Flying saucer complete!

What do you get if you cross an alien and a hot drink ? Gravi-tea !

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