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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Craft #50-Day 53-Stenciled Backpack

Since Carter does not use a backpack yet, I decided we would paint on a reusable shopping bag instead. We definetly will use this bag! Carter will be very happy that he has his own bag to carry. He loves helping out when we are in the store.

I gave Carter the box of paints so he could choose which colors he wanted to use. I had already made stencils out of paper, for his first & last initial. I taped the stencils on one side of the bag. He picked blue and a mustard yellow color and kind of mixed the two colors a little when painting the "L".

This is such great coloring practice for Carter! We untaped the stencil to see how it turned out. Carter was excited for me to take a pic of the final product! We will try it out this weekend, while shopping at our favorite craft store, MECCA.

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