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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Craft #37-Day 37-Paper Pom-Poms

It was a crafty day! Since the airplanes were quick to make, we decided to start the next project. Just a few supplies were needed. I had the basics, such as tape and scissors...however, I didn't have two of the main items needed-tissue paper and dowels.

Up for the challenge, I start rummaging through the towel closet....which is quickly becoming my craft closet. I found various colors of streamers and large popsicle sticks. This would work!

At the kitchen table, Carter practiced his scissor skills by helping me cut many strands of streamers. (Carter picked the colors of streamers to use,of course!)He helped make four seperate piles made up of different color streamers. I taped the four rows of streamers together at the top of both sides. I cut up the middle of each pile of streamers, stopping at the tape and cut an even line at the top. I wrapped the top-taped part of the pom-pom around a large popsicle stick and attached it with several pieces of tape. We made another layer to make it fluffier. We made one more, so we both could cheer!

Carter thought it was pretty hilarious to attack me with the pom-poms...and I thought it was amusing to put one on his head as a wig.

Lots of laughter and silliness!

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