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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Craft #43-Day 44-Carpet-Tile Hopscotch

Great, rainy afternoon to work on this project and to play it! As a family on a budget, we once again used what we already had at home to complete this craft.

I didn't have any large scraps of carpet to use, so I went to my "craft supply" closet and started rummaging. I found three peices of felt and a heavy-duty plastic bag that had a tear down the side of it (this will work!). Taking all of our supplies to the kitchen table, we started to make our tiles.

I used a peice of felt as my pattern to cut the same size tiles out of the plastic material. Since I also didn't have stencils, I made my own. I took a peice of construction paper, same size as my material pieces, and drew numbers and cut them out. I taped the DIY stencil to the material for Carter to color in using markers. We had a total of six tiles to complete. The plastic material we used was a busy pattern, so I outlined the number with another color to make it stand out.

Now to make our bean bag! I had these cute star cut-outs to use for our bag. I taped the sides and Carter happily filled the little pouch with dry beans. I taped it closed and taped it again, just to make sure it stayed that way. We were ready to play hopscotch!

We set up the squares in his room on his "town" carpet. I threw the star bean bag and he enthusiastically hopped to get it.

It was a "hoppy" time!

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