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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Craft #84-Day 91-Miniature Scrapbooks

It has been quite a busy holiday weekend! Carter and I are also making his birthday party today was the first day this weekend that we had time for our next project.

I love the idea of mini scrapbooks to add to a larger scrapbook. It seems like a much more manageable way to keep up with all of the pictures. I had to print pictures for Carter's invitations, so I went ahead and printed out some pics from October as well.

We used lightweight cardboard for our pages and covered the front and back with construction paper. Carter decorated the paper with markers, a cute bat window cling decoration that we repurposed as scrapbook decor, and we added a couple of squares of paper with the title-"October 2014".

I cut around the pics we wanted to use and Carter helped with the tape. We placed Halloween window clings throughout the book. Carter also added glitter around the pics and around the title.

Now I need to keep doing this for every event!

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