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Monday, December 1, 2014

Craft #85-Day 92-Travel Keepsakes

Today was very rainy and very cold....a perfect day to craft!

I had the perfect cell phone cardboard box, just sitting in my recycling bin, waiting to be turned into something new! We decided to document our last adventure at the aquarium. I had kept the map of the aquarium to use for the bottom of our box. I am out of glue sticks, so we used paintbrushes and Elmer's glue instead. Not only is this a fun alternative, it also helps minimize messiness and pooling of the glue.

We covered the bottom and sides with dark blue construction paper and glued it in place. We covered the rest of the box using light blue paper and black tissue paper. On the top of the box, we glued on a pretty opalescent piece of paper. I cut out little blue fish and bubbles from felt and Carter helped to glue them on the pretty piece of paper.

The aquarium map had cute sea creature pictures. We cut those out and glued them on the inside of the box. We used a cute seahorse picture to glue on next to pur felt fishies. Carter helped place our items in the box....his ticket stub, toy shark, blue glass pebbles, a shell and a seal figurine. This is a fun way to capture those memories!

The second part of the project is to make a ring-bound book; a way to scrapbook on the go. Before we started the project we took a trip to the grocery store. We used this rainy day shopping adventure as our inspiration for our little scrapbook. We looked through magazines and cut out pictures of food, a car, a shopping cart and rain to represent what happened on our trip! We glued these pics out on to small squares of construction paper. I am not sure where my hole-punch has wandered off to, so I folded the top left corners of the papers and made a small slit. We thread a piece of twine through and tied a bow to hold all the pages together. Another creative way to scrapbook.

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