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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Craft #88-Day 97-Memory Jars

Early morning crafting! We used a pretty vase instead of a jar to capture the memories of our Shore Acres Botanical Gardens Christmas Light trip this year.

Typically, we visit free or very inexpensive events, so we don't usually buy a lot of extra things....I just take a ton of pictures. I know, surprise, surprise....I love taking pics, obviously. So we decided to use items we had at home to recreate the scene. I did have an ornament box from past years of visiting there to use as well.

Carter helped add pretty glass red pebbles, clear glass marbles, sand, pom poms,and shells-which represented all of the pretty decorations and the sandy beach. We added different colored sequins to represent the lights. Carter helped glue sequins onto a small fir tree branch to represent lights on the Christmas tree. A green bell, the top of the ornament box with the Shore Acres logo printed on it and a scarf tied around the top of the vase, finished our memory jar!

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