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Friday, December 12, 2014

Craft #97-Day 103-Leaf Alphabet

"Carter, let's go collect leaves!" Carter was eager to follow me to the yard on a very windy day, to pick up leaves. He grabbed his Santa hat and started placing the leaves he found in there.

We made cards from construction paper and shiny dark blue paper for our alphabet. Carter practiced using the scissors-definite improvement. We chose what we wanted each letter to A is for apple, B is for butterfly and so forth. Then we started creating the pictures from our collection of leaves!

Carter helped glue on the leaves to our cards and sometimes the stems of the leaves, as well. For the grasshopper, we used a leaf stem for his legs. Such a great learning opportunity. Carter knows his letters, however matching the letter to a word is something we still practice.

We will definetly display this awesome leaf alphabet in his room!

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