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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Craft #86-Day 93-Travel Tins

After a fun trip to the library/community center to reserve a room for Carter's birthday party this month...we were back home ready to start our next creative scrapbooking project.

We used an oyster tin to create our "scrapbox". Carter helped roll out the clay to be used on the edges of the tin. I placed the clay on the sharp edges of the tin, for safety and decoration.We found a pretty picture of a sandy beach and the ocean in a magazine that we could use for the back ground of our travel tin. I cut out the ocean picture and a piece of the cardboard box that the oysters were packaged in, that had a picture of waves,to fit into the tin. Then Carter helped glue the ocean picture onto the cardboard and then we glued it in the tin.

We added dolphin stickers to the background. Carter brushed glue onto the floor of the diorama and we sprinkled sand over it. Carter placed a shell and a toy whale inside the tin. I taped twine to the back and stuck it onto a starfish foam sticker and tack to hang up our little " scrapobox".

What a creative way to save memories of a vacation!

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