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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Craft #87-Day 95-Treasure Chest

I really enjoy the time I get to write at night. I used to write all of the time when I was a kid and somehow I kind of just stopped for awhile. With the whirlwind of daily events, sometimes it is hard to get time to even settle down and focus my thoughts. However, my mind is always racing, which is probably why I am an insomniac. Which brings me back to why I like just a little time to myself at night to write, reflect and think. Anyhow, onto what our adventure was today!

My Mom had given me a shoebox for a past project, that I never did end up using. However, it worked perfectly for our treasure chest. The first thing we needed to do was to cover up any writing on the box. So we made waves out of blue paper and Carter helped tape it on. We covered some more lettering on the top sides of the box with blue paper.

Watercolor time! Carter was overjoyed to see me bring out the paint and paintbrushes. He started painting and I helped along the way. We decided to paint the sun that was printed on the inside of the box. After painting, I brought out the stamp stickers. Carter put the stickers on, above the sun design.

Carter scooped in the sand and added an octopus foam sticker, toy lizards, a lobster, shells and a beaded necklace. Our treasure chest was complete and Carter was entertained long enough for me to finish part of my Christmas card list.

This is definetly an activity we can put away and use again in the future!

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