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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Craft #79-Day 84-Pressed Leaves

After Carter had his cereal and milk, we wandered outside to the front yard to pick out leaves for our project. Carter zipped around the yard and quickly filled his bucket.

First we made leaf rubbings with a few different leaves, by placing the leaves underneath a piece of paper and using a crayon to rub over the leaf. Next, we made a leaf press. I cut two pieces of cardboard the same size and placed a layer of tissue over it. Carter helped place a layer of leaves on the tissue and covered them with two layers of tissue. I placed the other piece of cardboard over the tissue and placed a heavy object on top of the press.

We will check it in a week and I will update the post with the results!

We grouped the other leaves into different categories-size, shape, edges and colors. Carter also had fun playing with the leaves and his toy bugs. Lots of leaf fun!

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