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Monday, November 17, 2014

Craft #75-Day 78-Weather Watching

Our first weather tool we needed to make was an anemometer-which is used to calculate wind speed. I did not have all of the supplies listed for this project. So I decided we could make one using recyclables!

I had little Christmas party cups to use and straws. Carter helped punch holes into the cups to attach the cups to the straws. The holes had to line up properly to be able to put a straw through two cups. For the middle cup, I punched a hole through the center of it with a pencil. Then we slid the straws through the middle cup to attach the other four cups. We placed the pencil into a wooden block circle that Carter already had.

Carter had fun testing it out!

The next weather tool we created was a Wind Vane. Again, we did not have all of the supplies needed on hand. So we used recyclables for this project, as well!

I cut a slit into both ends of a straw and cut off the bendy part. Carter helped mark and measure the square and triangle and I cut them out. Carter helped attach the shapes into the slots of the straw. We used a plastic drinking cup, poked a hole in the bottom with scissors and pushed the pencil through. Carter placed clay around the pencil to hold it in place.I stuck a pin through the straw and into the pencil eraser. We marked the directions and had fun testing it out!

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