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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Craft #78-Day 81-Solar System Bedroom

We went shopping at a local thrift store and dollar store to shop for our planets. After finding a smaller bag of styrofoam balls, we decided we would make a much smaller version of the solar system model than what was displayed in the book.

Carter already had a toy Nerf like ball we could use for the sun. He helped tape the yellow tissue around it and splatter on orange paint.

This is how we made the planets:

Mercury - small foam ball, painted red

Venus- foam ball,painted yellow and sponge painted spots of red and orange

Earth- foam ball, painted blue and sponge painted spots of green

Mars- foam ball painted red

Jupiter- foam ball rolled around in painted brown and orange craft sand-Carter's favorite part!

Saturn- little rubber basketball, painted yellow, orange and brown wavy stripes-rings cut out of cardboard, covered with electric tape and painted rings of glue. We sprinkled used different colors of glitter for each ring.

Uranus- little rubber bouncy ball painted blue-rings cut out of cardboard, colored gray, painted with glue and sprinkled with glitter.

Neptune- foam ball, painted blue brushed with silver glitter and two darker spots of blue to represent the planet's dark, stormy spots.

Carter helped with all of this!

I used metal rods to attach the planets to the sun and our solar system was complete.

The other part of the project was to make a twinkling shade. Again, we created a much smaller version of this project and instead used what we already had. I had two pieces of dark blue card stock that we used to draw on our constellations. I poked the holes and Carter practiced connecting the dots. Since, it was already dark outside we placed the twinkling "shades" in front of his night light to illuminate the stars & constellations-Cassiopeia and the Big Dipper.

Now Carter has a solar system bedroom!

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