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Friday, November 7, 2014

Craft #62-Day 68-Paper Bead Necklace

This was a super easy and very fun project!

Carter picked out a couple of different colors of origami paper (approx. 4-by-4 inch squares) to use. We also used pictures out of magazines, which created great patterned beads.

Carter helped measure and mark the measurements on the sheets of paper for the triangles. He not only marked the measurements, he drew a little picture too! I cut out the triangles-the lines created seven. Carter helped roll the triangle paper facedown around the toothpick for about 1/2 inch. He painted glue on the rest of the triangle and finished rolling it around the toothpick.

We slipped the bead off of the toothpick and let it dry. We continued making various sizes of paper beads. It was more fun drawing triangles and not worrying about the measurements. Our necklace still turned out beautifully. We slid the beads onto a piece of string and tied the ends together.

I love this craft and am thinking I will use it for tomorrow's class.

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