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Monday, November 24, 2014

Craft #81-Day 85-Window Garden

After a quick trip to the library, we stopped at a feed and seed store to pick out some seeds. Carter is always telling me that he wants to be a fact that is what he ended up being for Halloween. So he was so excited to be in this store.

We wandered around the store and found seeds that were on sale! One lady helped us pick out the seeds that would work best in a glass for our window garden. Another staff member went out of their way to look in storage to see if they had soil pellets left.....and they did! So for about $5...we walked out of there with a large pack of soil pellets and a bag of sage and radish seeds.

We had a few small canning jars to plant our seeds in. Carter placed the pellets in a jar and poured warm water over them. The pellets swelled and all of the water absorbed into the soil. We broke the casing of the pellets and fluffed the soil and placed a pellet back into each jar. I read the seed planting instructions and Carter planted the seeds.

We also tried the other method using a couple of pinto beans. We used damp coffee filters to pin the two seeds in place against a side of the jar. Carter placed a smaller glass jar into the other jar to hold the filter and seeds in place.

Now we have sage, radishes, pinto beans and our bug terrarium. We really have quite the window garden now! I will post a couple of updates as they grow.

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