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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Craft #83-Day 87-Accordion Boxes

We rummaged through the house, until we found the perfect little cardboard box to use for our accordian box. I grabbed my bag of miscellaneous scraps of paper, buttons and stamps to use, and all the various types of glue.

Carter was quick to pour out the entire giant bag of scrap papers onto the kitchen table. We chose to put fake leaves onto the lid and pretty green glitter glue. Carter picked dark blue card stock and I accordian folded it. Since we had a glue stick; he was happily choosing and gluing pictures, beads, etc. to the paper. He helped glue the first page into the box and painted the paper with glitter glue. Carter loves glitter glue!

Carter wanted to glue a shell in his box, so I used the hot glue gun for that. We also decided to add one of the clay beads we had made in a past craft project. I glued the last page onto the bottom of the lid. Carter liked closing and opening the box!

This is such a great way to save all of that precious memorabilia. I think this would be such a heartfelt gift, as well.

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