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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Craft #69-Day 74-Potato Prints

We ventured to our local market and Carter picked out a couple of potatoes. He decided he wanted some avocados as well, for dinner. We bought our food and we were on our way.

I cut the potato in half lengthwise and made sure the dinosaur cookie cutter would fit on the potato. Carter helped push the cutter through the potato. I used a knife to finish cutting out the dinosaur shape, since I used a plastic cookie cutter.

Carter squeezed out green paint into a plastic container. He set the dinosaur into the paint and moved it around to cover the surface. I used a paintbrush to even out the paint on the potato. I placed a piece of cardboard inside the shirt and Carter stamped the potato onto it. He pressed down for a few seconds and removed it.

A few green lines smeared next to the dinosaur print, so I decided to add a palm tree there. Then I was having so much fun...I added a volcano and grass. I remember making potato prints when I was a kid and thought it was super cool. I still think it is really fun and Carter loved it. It was a lot more fun to let him stamp away on the piece of cardboard. I was thinking it would be a great way to make our holiday wrapping paper!

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