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Friday, November 7, 2014

Craft #63-Day 68-Beaded Flower Jewelry

Looking over this project, I came to the conclusion that using thicker string and bigger beads would be more toddler-friendly.

I poured out the bag of beads onto the kitchen table and Carter was very happy to play with them. I cut a piece of green twine for our beaded flower bracelet and tied a large knot at one end. Carter and I picked out a few beads to use to get started.

He was quick to get frustrated when he wasn't able to get the bead on to the string. Trying again, I feel is an important lesson to teach. We acknowledged his frustration and took a small break to just play with the beads. I showed him again how to thread the beads onto the string. I held the string while he tried again....and he was able to do it. The look of excitement in his eyes, was priceless. "I did it!" Carter shouted, throwing his hands up in the air. Another reason why I feel these projects are beneficial for him.

Once we had enough beads, I did the complicated threading of the circle of the flower and the center of it. Even my husband joined in to help us out. I love family crafting time.

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