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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Craft #82-Day 86-Movie Magic

We took a trip to the library to return books, pick out new ones (we are up to at least 4 books at bedtime) and make copies of the clip art provided in the book. We headed home, books and copies in hand, ready to start our next project.

Carter decided we should use the fish and bowl clip art for our thaumatrope-simply creates the illusion of two images combined into one when you spin the handle. Instead of card stock we used cereal box cardboard to glue our images onto. Carter helped cut the box apart so I could cut the cardboard out around the image easily. He glued the image onto the cardboard and taped the wooden dowel to the back of it. We repeated the process for the fish image and Carter glued it onto the back of the other image attached to the dowel. We set it aside to dry and continued onto the next movie making device.

I cut out the clip art for the phenakistoscope- an early animation device that used a spinning disk of sequential images and the persistence of vision principle to create an illusion of motion. Carter glued the image onto cereal cardboard that he had colored purple. I cut out the 12 slots in the design and used a tack to attach it to a pencil eraser. We also set this aside to dry to complete the last device.

I had index cards to use and star stickers. We decided our scene would be of a shooting star. Carter helped place the stickers onto the cards, slightly moving the stars on each card. We secured the stack of index cards with a clip and flipped from back to front to view our scene. Carter needed help flipping the cards, however once he saw it....he thought it was pretty cool!

We were ready to try out the other devices we made! Carter had fun spinning the thaumatrope, where it appeared that the fish was in the bowl. Then we stood in front of a mirror and tried out the phenakistoscope, which he also thought was entertaining.

Movie magic fun!

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