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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Craft #80-Day 84-Safari Terrarium

We didn't have an aquarium to use, so we used a mason jar that we already had on hand. Also, instead of a safari theme, we decided on a bug theme for our mason jar terrarium.

We stopped by Grandma & Grandpa Simmon's and they generously gave us a plant and soil to use. Grandpa Simmons is quite the plant expert. We headed home, ready to start our project.

First Carter added marbles and red glass pieces into the jar. Then we added the charcoal that my husband (Mike) smashed into small pieces for us. Carter added the soil over the charcoal and pretty blue aquarium rock on top of that. Mike placed the plant in the jar and Carter picked the praying mantis to complete our mason jar bug terrarium!

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